• advent journal: back to work

    by  • December 5, 2007 • 9 Comments

    Back in October I made a visit to Durham by myself to begin looking for a cooking job. I had the advantage of getting advice and direction from a local restaurateur who is connected with the church and knows the culinary landscape of the area very well. (He also opened his own very cool...

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    advent journal: “do try and keep up”

    by  • December 4, 2007 • 5 Comments

    If you walk up Frazier Ave. between the bridges in Chattanooga’s North Shore neighborhood, you come across sidewalk sculpture like this: Every so often, for three or four blocks, there is another dance instruction: the Waltz, the Cha-cha, the Mambo. I, of course, danced my way up the street by the time I came...

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    advent journal: nothing but the text

    by  • December 4, 2007 • 2 Comments

    Today is Joseph Conrad’s birthday; he’d be one hundred and fifty, if he had lived. While the significance of the date has dwindled for most, I make note because Heart of Darkness is one of my favorite books. If I were to name three books I wish were not relegated to being considered “high...

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    advent journal: going into labor

    by  • December 2, 2007 • 4 Comments

    Everything has a past, or at least a precursor. Before there was a blog, or even email, I wrote a Lenten Journal to a specific friend as my spiritual practice during the season. When I got an email account, I started sending it to more and more friends, mostly because I could. The email...

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    hey, that’s for me!

    by  • November 30, 2007 • 4 Comments

    We found this sign hanging off the front porch as we drove up to the house yesterday. I wish you could see the individual notes written all over the banner. I do feel welcomed. Thank you. Peace,Milton

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    the last leg

    by  • November 29, 2007 • 3 Comments

    As we got ready to leave Birmingham last Sunday, I quickly made a couple of CDs for the road while we were packing the cars, almost randomly picking tracks — mostly I picked artists I wanted to hear. Looking back on yesterday, it appears I picked a pretty good soundtrack. put the message in...

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    the way home

    by  • November 28, 2007 • 4 Comments

    John Wendland, my best friend in first and second grade, had horses. He was the youngest child in a big family and his two oldest sisters, both in high school, said they would take us riding. Mary, the oldest, pulled me up on the saddle behind her, told me to wrap my arms around...

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    baby got background

    by  • November 27, 2007 • 8 Comments

    Ginger and I are officially in The Week of Transition between Marshfield and Durham, so we snuck away for a couple of days together in a town where neither of us had ever been: Chattanooga, Tennessee. Yesterday, we spent a good bit of time at the amazing Tennessee Aquarium and found a pretty good...

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    once-in-a-life time

    by  • November 26, 2007 • 7 Comments

    highway eighty-four ran due east across theCentral Texas night, I remember the moonrising over the top of the telephone poles the road was lonely enough for me to turnmy headlights off in deference and drivein the dark to the light as if I would reach it every Sunday night after, I drove and waitedfor...

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    get out the map

    by  • November 24, 2007 • 2 Comments

    I woke up before everyone else in the house this morning, thanks to Gracie, our youngest Schnauzer. I started the coffee pot and then started looking for something to read, having already devoured the latest issue of The Nation yesterday morning. I remembered packing some books among the pots and pans that have traveled...

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