singing my way back in


    I know. I haven’t posted in a while. OK, almost a month.

    I decided I would sing my way back in — that is, I would sing along. The tone for this collection was set by Eric Folkerth, who pointed me to Eric Schwartz. Listen and enjoy the soulfulness.

    The next man that came to mind was Marc Broussard, who has soul of his own.

    I found this Van Morrison cover by The Swell Season that seemed like a good addition.

    Now that I’m on a roll, here’s Ray LaMontagne:

    And I can’t pass over Mumford and Sons:

    And I know this is getting long, but please listen to Josh Ritter:

    And I bring this little concert to a close with Ray Charles.

    Here’s to a soulful summer afternooon.



    1. Seeing the Swell Season video reminded me of the movie Once they starred in – still one of my favorites. And I just read Josh Ritter’s new novel, Bright’s Passage. Great links, Milton.

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