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    marking time

    by  • December 27, 2015 • community, depression, friends, writing • 9 Comments

    December 27th. The day after the day after. For me, it carries some significance, however. On this day ten years ago I wrote my first blog post here at Don’t Eat Alone. I was four years into coming to terms with my depression, which was still kicking my butt at that point. I was...

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    ways of seeing

    by  • February 17, 2015 • community, seeing, writing • 11 Comments

    The weeks have slipped by since I last wrote. My silence has not been for lack of ideas. Sometimes, in the midst of the shouting from both screen and page over the various crises that have come and gone, I have not felt the need to add my voice. The main reason, however, is...

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