touching down in athens


    Greetings from Athens!

    We left Boston about 4:40 Eastern Daylight Time, crossed the Atlantic, landed in Frankfurt long enough to change planes, and arrived in Athens at 1:00 (13:00 as they say here), which was 6:00 am to Ginger and me. We got to our hotel about 2:00, checked in, and then had to make a choice of which time zone to honor. We chose to go by Athens time since today is our sixteenth wedding anniversary and we had some celebrating to do.

    Sixteen years ago we got engaged at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas and have done our darndest since to be in a Hard Rock somewhere to celebrate our anniversary. This year was no exception. Athens has a Hard Rock and we got there about an hour before the entire city closed down for Good Friday (according to the Orthodox calendar). We also had some time to walk around the city and feel its vibrancy. This is one cool place.

    We came back to the hotel and, still determined not to fall asleep, went up to the restaurant on the top floor to get coffee. The restaurant, The Olive Garden (not the chain, thank God!), has an outdoor terrace with a view of the Acropolis. We sipped and talked until it was time to meet our group for dinner (we didn’t eat much). We came back to the room and I wrestled with the Internet access until I finally got connected (thanks to some help from a guy in India on the other end of the toll free line) so I could post a few words and pictures.

    Tomorrow we are headed to the Acropolis and some more wandering on our own. I can’t believe we are really getting to do this.



    1. Hey Milton, this is Amy…

      I saw the picture of the Olive Garden restaurant you ate at, and I think it may be the same one that I ate at when I was in Athens…cool, huh?

      I just got back from Paris and am ultra-jet lagged, but trying to get right back into the swing of things..

      Can’t wait to read more about your journey, say Hi to Ginger for me!


      P.S I went to the Easter Mass at Notre Dame- when I was in the giant gothic stone cathedral, and smelt the incence, heard the chanting and dissonance-y singing I felt like i was in the year was amazing!

    2. This is Amy again,

      this message is for Ginger:

      I had the most AMAZING chocolate the other day. The brand is Côte D’Or, it’s belgian, and the type was “Intense 70% cacao”….AHHH!!! It was delicious and just fantastic fantastic chocolate…the best I’ve ever had…If you see any in the airport or in a store, you must try it!

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