leaving on a jet plane


    Ginger and I are about to go on the trip of our lives.

    Tomorrow we leave Boston for Athens and three weeks of adventure tracing the steps of the Apostle Paul through Greece and Turkey. What I’m looking forward to most is three weeks with Ginger. Here are the places we’re going: Athens, Veroia, Thessaloniki, Philippi, Kavala, Meteora, Kalambaka, Delphi, Corinth, Istanbul, Izmir, and Kayseri (the last three are in Turkey). Most of those names are strange to me, other than the ones that have books of the New Testament named after them. I have a lot to learn.

    And a lot to eat. I’m so looking forward to the food!

    Trips like this couldn’t happen without friends. Our friend Eloise is staying in our house and Schnauzer sitting; our friends Jena and Marc let me borrow their laptop so I can blog along the way — or at least try — so stay tuned for words and pictures. Lots of friends have sent us off with kind words, cards, hugs, and prayers.

    The next time you hear from me, I will be across the ocean; I’ve got a list of things to do between now and then, since my bags are not yet packed and I’m not ready to go.



    1. Have a terrific trip!

      Is this a tour or did you put together the itinerary yourselves? It sounds tremendous – I hope you enjoy every moment and every bite along the way!

      We’ll pray for safety and blessings.

    2. God’s blessings on your journey, my friend. Enjoy everything: your wife, the travel, the people you will meet, the things you learn, the food you eat. Return safe.

    3. Wow, when Dennis took his sabbatical, they sent him to, like, Atlanta and Chicago.

      Go, Ginger. I am jealous for the sights and the food you will enjoy. But so happy that you are doing to enjoy it.

      Take it all in for us.

    4. Milton –
      Have a GREAT trip! I lived in Ankara for one long year. You must try the donerkabob, borek, dolma and fish! I hope you like lamb. It comes in any shape or form. I also loved the icecream.
      Enjoy the shopping and the beauty.

    5. I am so excited every day to read about your adventures. I am SO glad you are having such a good time together. I can’t wait for tomorrow! Love to you both. Molly

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