supermarket finds


supermarket finds

it’s the periodic experience
of lostness in the supermarket
when I turn down the baking aisle
to find it is filled with crackers
my points of reference have been
relegated to the rubbish heap
if I want to find food I will have
to learn a list of new addresses

they do it on purpose, you know
because they know convenience
breeds complacency, familiarity
if it’s easy to find what I want
how will I ever imagine new needs
or what I might do with gochujang

I only have to make two turns to
get from my house to the store
the landmarks are not as easy
to move as the pasta and pet food
but I turn right instead of left
and then down a side street
without a street sign just to see
what has been there all along

one yard is decadent with daffodils
two houses host for sale signs
someone is changing aisles
I make a couple of turns and
come out in an unexpected place
surprised to find a new way home


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