lenten journal: prelude


My continuing conversation with Rob Walker led me to these words today:

Next time you have dinner planned with someone you care about, arrive (or plant yourself nearby) early. And do nothing. Observe the world; think about the person you’re about to see; cleanse your mental palate of other obligations or distractions. A significant moment deserves a considered prelude. Be ready.


maybe that’s the way to think
about the days between now

and when we finally get to hug
and smile unemcumberedly

to shed tears that won’t
get caught in our masks

waiting expectantly is not the
same thing as passing the time

can we foster our exhaustion
water our lives from the

growing reservoir of anger
let despair become a doorstep

we know the day is coming
life will not always be this way

if a significant moment does
deserve a considered prelude

then I am going to sit here
under the worm moon

and picture your face
your voice your hug

and do all I can to get ready
to take it all in


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