lenten journal: a short un-guided tour


I have continued to meander through Rob Walker’s The Art of Noticing. A couple of days ago, as hew was talking about taking in the soundscapes around us, he quoted artist Marc Weidenbaum:

“The world is a museum. You are the docent.”

I decided to let those words guide my writing tonight, after a loving nudge from Ginger to re-engage the practice of my Lenten journal.

a short un-guided tour

first, let me say
the exhibit holds more
than you can possibly
take in on one visit

those who know it best
come back daily
to look at the same things
that are never the same things
and to notice what
is missing and what has
been added or found

stop look and listen feel
free to touch most anything
it is all breakable, irreplaceable
we have no permanent exhibits

things to notice today:
the screaming baby just hit
the same pitch as Paul in the
middle of the na na na nanana nas when
he screams, “Judy, Judy, Judy . . .”
the beam of light across the
steeple is the shade of orange
Van Gogh was looking for
and never could find

not really . . .
but that would be pretty cool

I will leave you to your senses
and let you find what you find
while I notice that today
two people asked me
how long it had been
since I talked to my brother
and then late this afternoon
I called him by mistake
and we both laughed
at the same time

I need to sit with that memory
before it fades away
you can show yourself out



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