lenten journal: one step removed

Alma Cocina on Folsom Street is closed due to coronavirus shelter in place edict in San Francisco, Calif., on Monday, March 30, 2020.

one step removed

the advantage of living
through holy week
after the fact is we
know what is coming
we read the events
as connected sequence

if this then that
we have turned the
unexpected into ritual
meaningful repetition
but still repetition
we know what’s coming

but the rituals seem
empty because of the
scares and surges of
life in the pandemic
things we have not seen
and don’t understand

might give us a glimpse
of why the disciples
acted as they did
had they known Easter
was inevitable would
they have run away

not everyone ran
the women stayed
they stood shoulder
to shoulder with
soldiers and sadness
even unto death and

then stayed longer
life is not certain
unless you’re a cynic
hope is not a return
to what was but staying
for what could be



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