key change


key change

I grew up singing in church
hymns haunted by harmony
what a fellowship what a joy
ye who are weary come home

those songs taught me that
congregations are contagious
that love is highly infectious
and compassion communicable

singing they say spreads the virus
our deep comfort commandeered
into the forced unison of isolation
who ever heard of a silent lament

that we might gather again and
not sing a song of the saints of God
or sit close or hug or even touch
is a key of life I don’t know how to hear



  1. I was blessed to hear “I Sing A Song of the Saints of God” at the end of the podcast of evening prayer at All Saints’ last week. I also sing the hymn as I wash my hands and often think of the time when you worshipped with us. Thank you for nourishing us with your words during this difficult time. Bless you, Milton

  2. this is a MASTERPIECE! Thank you As Lent was winding down but the pandemic was not, I wished you would keep writing beyond Easter. And you are my wish-come-true.

  3. Music everywhere, most especially the church has been our lifeline! My husband, the church musician and I talked about this before the general awareness hit! Now the reality is crushing.

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