air and water


air and water

it is a postcard night
in our little town
the honey-pink sunset
riding in on the breeze
I followed the schnauzers
home from our walk to find

a security guard
was shot to death
at a Family Dollar Store
in Flint, Michigan because
he asked someone to put
a mask on to shop

when it comes to Flint
we are way past the time
when saying we’re sorry
makes any difference
long before the virus
death was in the water

but the cost of safety
was more than anyone
wanted to pay so death
became a way of life
they already knew what we
are just beginning to learn

Calvin Munerlyn died
working to save lives
I want to say his name
out loud in the quiet of
my little town my little life
and drink in the sadness



  1. Yes, this event is too sad. Little pieces of fabric torn all over our country and the world. How will we find ourselves? Thank you Milton

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