advent journal: good time


good time

the fallacy of the interstate
is that what matters
most is getting there
the highway knows no place
we are nowhere other
than traveling yet every
exit offers the chance

to face the truth of
places and faces that are
more than drive-bys
a reason to remember
there is more to life
than where we are
and where we’re going

every town is a community
each street an address
those handing out coffee
have stories to tell even
when those taking
the drinks don’t think
to stop and ask or listen

life is a journey not
a destination we say
as though we understand
but I’m not sure we do
because we live for
arrivals not engagements
we are in transit not journeying

we spent six hours on
the road and now we are
home without incident but
I only spoke to two people
other than those in our car
I wonder what I missed
making such good time


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