lenten journal: vigil



what difference does it make
if we all stand still together
or fill up a room to hear others
tell stories of love and loss

one woman in town is baking
Ukrainian bread to raise
money to help refugees and
hospitals one loaf at a time

how can a hundred bucks
stop a tank across the ocean
as the room listened a little
girl stood next to me in a

flowered headdress looking
down at a her red boots
her brother turned his
electric candle off and on

as speakers spoke words
I could not understand
because my hearing aids
are loaners I could only sit

and imagine a room in
Poland perhaps filled with
refugees waiting to hear
words that might matter

or standing in line for food
I imagine a little girl in
that room as well without
flowers or red boots

and tonight I am thinking of
her because someone asked
me to sit still and listen as
if that makes a difference



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