sunday sonnet #16


    The blind man Bartimaeus, who sat begging at the gate,
    Knew Jesus soon was headed out of town,
    So he called out in hope that Jesus’ exodus could wait
    Long enough to shed some sight around.

    The disciples huffed a bit and told him to sit tight,
    But Bart kept on with what he had to tell
    Till he got to say to Jesus what he wanted was his sight,
    And Jesus said, “Your faith has made you well.”

    Unlike Bartimaeus, some of us are blind by choice
    And have lost the faith to see what we could see:
    That Jesus calls us to be his eyes and ears and voice,
    To heal and feed and set the prisoners free.

    Let us pray to recover our sight;
    Let us pray to be the light.



    1. Thanks for the poetic reminder of Bartimaeus and its gentle urging at the end to recover our sight and be the light. I am thinking hard about the next phase of my life and your sonnet is just right as comfort and goad…

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