love is the drum


    in the music of life
    love is the drum
    the big bass drum that
    resonates in your breast bone
    through every movement of grief
    the tremulous tympanic tones
    in the symphonies of sadness
    the steadying rhythm during
    the frantic choruses of fear
    the hope of the high hat
    in the gentle jazz of joy
    the tender tap behind
    the waltz of wonder
    in the music of life
    love is the drum
    love is the drum



    1. Beautiful. Well done!

      You need to get on a round of poetry submissions and then – eventually – an incredible memoir (cuz your life is THAT interesting).

    2. A member of our University of Florida drumline died in a caving accident last week. He played the bass drum. This poem was so perfectly worded. Thank you. Through every moment of grief it is the big bass drum.

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