lenten journal: life goes on


Ginger and I (and Ella) got up early this morning and drove to Birmingham to check in on Ginger’s folks and to see Lola and Gracie, our other Schnauzers who are now living with my in-laws because they have been so helpful to Ginger’s dad who has Alzheimer’s. We got here mid-afternoon and have spent the day talking and laughing and playing with pups. I also spent some time making soups and stocking the freezer with things for Rachel and Reuben to eat. About noon tomorrow, we will make the return trip to Durham (with Ella) so Ginger can preach on Sunday, I can cook Sunday night, and we can close on our new home on Monday! Oh, yeah – our house in Marshfield is officially sold as of this afternoon. Almost three months to the day that we arrived in Durham, we are finally getting to settle in.

Our traveling today and the fact that I have to go to the Krystal for free wi-fi, coupled with Blogger deciding to be down when I had time to write has thrown off my schedule, but I will have more to say in the morning. For tonight, in the symphony of emotions we have played today I’m aware of the melody of grace underneath it all. Things are not perfect. Some things are not even good. Watching Ginger’s dad disappear before our eyes is heartbreaking. At the same time, witnessing the unabashed affection between him and the little grey dogs is healing for us all. One day after another, life goes on. Even adding an extra day doesn’t change that fact.

Life goes on. Tonight I hear hope in those words.