advent journal: surprise


    caught by surprise
    we say — like a fly ball
    or a base runner —
    caught, perhaps
    like a falling heirloom –
    in the nick of time

    but not tonight –
    I was . . .

    taken by surprise
    like a hostage or
    a dog from the shelter —
    out of my routine
    and off to the theater
    by the dancer I know best

    then we walked
    under the lighted trees
    as we always do —
    to find the familiar
    is so flush with wonder
    is no surprise at all



    1. Your similes are divine in this poem. I loved your comparison of the elements of surprise being like, first, the heart-stopping moment of nearly breaking something so priceless and then like being kidnapped from routine.

      First time I’ve come to your blog Milton. Won’t be the last.


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