advent journal: caught by surprise


Last weekend I said something to Ginger about Thursday Night Dinner and she said, “We aren’t having dinner this week.” Knowing it was my birthday eve and knowing her penchant for birthday surprises, I took her statement at face value.

i spent the day writing and came home to find out we were going out. We went to Piedmont, a nearby restaurant, for appetizers and then Ginger said we had about twenty minutes to kill before the next event. We came back to the house to find a table filled with friends who had brought food of their own this time and we had a wonderful evening together.

I am writing tonight out of pure gratitude. I am ending my fifty-eighth year surrounded by friends and family. I do have to say it now: it’s been a good life all in all. It’s really fine to have the chance to hang around. On to the next chapter.



  1. Happy Birthday! May the next 58 be as much fun and rewarding and love-filled and as much a blessing to others as your first 58. God bless you and Ginger and your birthday! Celebrations abound!

  2. Whatever the “next chapter” brings, we will enjoy reading it with you. Happy Birthday from all the Dolbows. We have found such joy in North Carolina, especially in the friends like you. Happy birthday, Milton.

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