permanent collection


permanent collection

the pandemic has gone
on long enough to get to
“clean up the barn”
and I unpacked the
museum in a box
waiting to be curated
pictures from my
father’s ordination
wrapped in plastic
since Mom’s funeral

what do I do with
a memory
that’s not mine
no one has missed
it for years
do museums ever
use trash cans

in another box
my eye catches a
card in Dad’s hand
thank you for making
time to come see me
it was after his heart
surgery I came in late
he was in recovery
and he remembered
I remember too

can’t be collected
we will all go
out of print
still I hate to
be the one who
clears the room
for the next exhibit



  1. I remember the day after the day when your father died.
    That’s the day he came alive to me through you.

    In many ways you carry-on the best of those two worlds in the early nests of light and nourishment.

    You have made nests for all of us kids.

  2. Oh, how difficult these “tasks” are. Even deciding what to do with school pictures and children’s memorabilia. HOW do you throw away the plaster of paris child’s handprint given to you on Mother’s Day? Thank you, Milton.

  3. I am awash in heirlooms that my daughter may not want, but with which I cannot bear to part just yet. Museum indeed!

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