everything never stops singing


everything never stops singing

the tulips are down
to their last chorus
the apple blossoms
are just coming in
on the descant

the bleeding hearts
hum in the shade
and the chive flowers
translate melody to
fragrance when they
hit the hot skillet

the endless blue sky
sings of long ago and
far away because the
air that is close enough
to breathe sings a blue
I can only feel in my bones

the little birds whose
names I don’t know
bounce along the
branches and pickets
like the ball on a
sing-a-long screen

the chipmunks are
hiding in the old stone
wall that is stacked
but not cemented
the rocks leaning into
each other for support

the daffodils are dying
the peonies are rising
everything never stops
singing without even
making a sound



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