old growth


I have work to do this morning

but I keep running into poems

that give me pause and pull

my gaze out my second-story

window to the dance of

sunshine and shadows on

the fence line, the blanket

of dead leaves turning to soil

and the trees, their bare branches

reaching or — perhaps — offering


their despair and determination

without a leaf to show for it.

My heart knows the same song

the trees are singing in their

slumber — they are not skeletons;

dead and dormant are not the same.

It’s what you said as we walked

yesterday in the fading light:

“The trees never quit growing.”

I want to say the same of me.





  1. I love this imagery. I am completely entranced by bare tree limbs in winter’s night or limited light. It has become my soul image and your words add to its dimension.

  2. How I resonate with your poem as I sit here looking out at the bare pecan orchard (and at email and facebook!) while upstairs sit many boxes awaiting attention! I don’t feel so alone anymore! 🙂

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