the first poem
I learned was
for my father
and was the first
poem he ever learned:


has anybody seen my mouse?
I opened his box for just a minute
just to make sure he was really in it
and while I was looking he jumped outside
I tried to catch him, I tried, I tried . . .

I have spent the day
reciting the lines
of my life
moving from memory
hoping to find

something to ease
the empty space
the heavy space
the palpable absence
and all I can muster is




  1. I know this heavy, empty space… how very precious to have your gift of words to reflect and honor him… they are, eventually, healing words.

    To follow Alyce’s comment above, I’ll point you to an old song of Amy Grant’s… If These Walls Could Speak… it speaks my heart when missing my folks.

  2. I keep thinking about you and your father… My father’s name was Milton, too. Crossed the river in ’94. Yesterday, I was at the piano playing while waiting for something to finish cooking…I pulled out, ” Feels Like Home,” by Randy Newman…used in the movie, “Michael.” Bonnie Raitt sings it there, but it’s really singable by just about anyone…which makes it cool. Friday breath to you and all you love.

  3. The Resurrection came quietly.
    So quietly nobody noticed.
    I pray for you, Milton, that the empty space in your heart will moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, be filled up with beautiful things that bring you peace and love and joy.

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