lenten journal: weather report


weather report

sometimes I learn things
from my experience
tonight I carried
in the wood so it
would be dry enough
to burn if the heat
goes out in the storm

I bought the wood after
the last nor’easter
buried our log pile
under a foot of snow
it is still buried
sometimes I learn things
from my experience

there is a stack of things
buried under the
days gone by that could
question any claim
I might make to
enlightenment—so I’ll say
sometimes I learn things



  1. Im pretty sure we can all relate to this ongoing learning, and the recognition of it’s power in our lives. Glad you have dry wood and hope this storm is the last of it so spring is close behind.

  2. I like the phrase “sometimes I learn things.” In my experience, I often learn the same lessons over and over – ah, the revolving door of learning.

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