lenten journal: threat landscape


threat landscape

who knows what’s
out there hiding
in the hills
or in a handshake

I could get hit
by a bus or a brick
or the morning news

hard enough to knock
me flat on my back

what happens next
is just waiting
until I drop my
guard or my keys

I don’t know what’s
around the corner
(around the corona)

what could go off
or go wrong
I can’t hear anything
but warnings

but I’m not saying
anything new
only repeating what
I’ve heard repeated

be afraid be afraid
be afraid be afraid

how many times
do we need to say it

be afraid be afraid
be afraid be afraid

no–don’t be afraid
don’t be afraid

our fear is getting
us nowhere
don’t catch the virus

be aware
be awake
be alive

draw new maps
tell new stories
and old ones

who knows what’s
could be out there


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