lenten journal: lila



she got a special walk
around the green this morning
she didn’t know why
anymore than she understood
that breakfast never came
just a car ride to her
least favorite parking lot
where I handed her over
to a kind tech who spoke
sweetly and led her away
after I told her it would be okay
I hope I told her the truth
we don’t know how it will be
then I sat in the car and
looked out at the snow
that will be a melting
muddy mess by mid-afternoon
when we will get word
of the prognosis
the predictive course
all she will know is
she hurts and we love her
and it will be some time
before we walk the green again



  1. This broke my heart a little bit, Milton. I’m so sorry your Lila has to have surgery. I hope and pray that all goes well.

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