lenten journal: anger management


“. . . and I was persuaded, and remain confirmed, that the voice of honest indignation is the voice of God.” –William Blake

anger management

when it comes to indignation
I’ve mostly seen the righteous kind
–moral outrage–then today I heard
a new phrase, at least to me,
though Blake said it long ago . . .

honest indignation

and I realized that honest and
righteous are not always synonyms
neither are outrage and heartbreak
we are better than this is not
the same as I am better than you

outrage, moral or otherwise,
has to be a way station
not a permanent address
anger that offers alternatives
on beyond judgment

the arc of the moral universe
bends like a rainbow refracting
anger into the colors of compassion
so many tables need to be turned
and then reset for dinner

(This poem found its inspiration in this opinion piece by Alan Bean at Baptist News Global.


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