lenten journal: evensong



these are the days when dusk
feels indecisive, reluctant to
bring the day to an end yet
holding on for a few minutes
more each evening, as though
trying to make room for
just one more thing.

I love the long reach of
the light, the fading fire that
fills the horizon but I am
ready for the night to come,
I’m willing to give into to the
warm blanket of darkness
the world is pulling up.

the tilt of the earth means
night will be short-changed by
whatever daylight is saving;
I do look forward to planting
and growing, to days as warm
as a fresh tomato, but not yet;
let it stay dark a little longer.



  1. Having just come inside after watching a glorious sunset, from the hill on which our son, John’s, ashes are scattered – I thank you.

  2. This is a beautiful poem. We want spring and summer to come, but it has its edges, too. The house is warm and cozy now and the air conditioner is not screeching and whining.

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