get the door


get the door

It’s that thing
about a door
closing and
God opening
a window
that gets me

I get the 
It gives me
some hope
but on this day
when a door
is closing

I’m not ready
to look for or
out a window
I’ve got to
get the door
the closed door

not something I
can lay on God
the door was
closed by other
hands slammed
shut and the
bolt shot home

Windows don’t
matter much
when you’re
locked outside
no handle
requires death

I’ve got one
on the sidewalk
a sidewalk
instead of
a window
better here
than locked in




  1. I’ve often thought the reason Jesus didn’t tell the apostles about the coming resurrection is that he didn’t want to listen to people bright-siding the crucifixion all along the Via Dolorosa. I’m so sorry you’re going through such an unjust and unkind ending to the work that you loved there. And as strong as the impulse is to rush ahead and point to the beautiful new vista full of possibilities out that damn window, today is not the day. So I will simply wish you peace and healing as you process the grief of this experience. And remind you how grateful I am for your presence in the world (and on the internet).

  2. written in true ee cummings style milton
    i love the sentiments expressed and look forward to more encounters with the formerly young people you nourished while you were in fort worth
    may you be richly blessed as you have blessed others

    you are loved

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