My cousin Sloane is in the hospital tonight in Houston with COVID pneumonia. Though we are cousins, we have never had the luxury of living near each other but, particularly in our adult lives, have found ways to feel like family. She sent me a text tonight to let me know she had been hospitalized and asked me to write a prayer on my blog for her and for the other people with COVID and the doctors and nurses. My best prayers are in poetry. I am grateful my words can reach across miles.


the day is ending
and I am out of words
someone I love
is spending this night
in a room full of loved ones
forced into isolation

and uncertainty
in space shared only
by masked caregivers
who cannot offer smiles
only a glance of compassion
or an embrace of listening

the day is ending
and I am remembering
that I promised
to send a copy of a
favorite book like the one
she sent last month

so when she asked
for me to write a prayer
I found my place once more
in the heartbreak church
in hopes that my words
can go the distance

the day is ending
and I join a chorus of
voices calling out names
and giving thanks for
carers wondering how
to keep on going

I trust it is praying
to admit I don’t know
how prayer works
and still say
please let her know
she is not alone



  1. Thanks, Milton. And prayers for Sloane. Tell her her name is beautiful, and it will help me remember to pray for her in those intermittent moments of the day. Prayer Powerful.

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