advent journal: sundown



our oldest dog Ella has taken
to fits of barking at night
doggie sundowning the vet says

sometimes I can tell what she wants
she barks at the food closet or
she stares at the kitchen counter

at other times things aren’t so clear
her bark a barbaric yawp an
existential cry of angst or anger

which I understand better with
each passing day of the pandemic
I would like to yell as well

my consistent response is to open
the closet and drop a handful
of food in the middle of the floor

and she stops barking to eat
and then waits a few minutes
before she starts all over again

nothing seems to fix what is wrong
she doesn’t have words to tell
and I don’t have words to respond

that let her know I understand
so I drop a handful of food
thoughts and prayers disguised

as a late night snack that don’t
fix anything except to say I will
stay with her after sundown



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