advent journal: bethlehem road


the road between here and there
is familiar; we’ve taken it so many times
the car could drive itself, as they say —

we’ve come this way so often
I no longer think in the chapter
and verse of exit signs . . .

instead, I mark our progress
by landmarks — mostly song, food,
and fuel: what it takes to keep going

some time this morning we passed
halfway without much fanfare, except
for Joni singing about cutting down trees —

for now that’s as close as I can get
to carols; i sing along and trust the road
and the stars that call my heart

like a homing beacon; I don’t feel much
like a wise man, but I know this
is the road between here and there

paved with stories and sorrows,
the climbing way we know all to well . . .
oh, my — look at all the stars



  1. Milton,
    Remarkable. Joni is a good singer for Advent, I think. This road is getting too bumpy, too rocky. I’m walking and stumbling every now and then on sorrowful stories. Man, this is a long hike, but I have made it faster than I imagined. I wonder what is just around the bend?

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