advent journal: birthday sing-a-long . . .


I’ve been sitting here for an hour or so trying to figure out what to write today. I’ve finally decided to just sing a long.



  1. That is just so beautifully perfect! Happy Birthday, Milton! May you live a long and wonderful life…impacting the world, just as your dad did! Obviously, you are doing just that! CHEERS to YOU today!!

  2. I’ve loved John for decades! So interesting to listen to these words at the age of 63. I feel like I’ve been to church! Thanks–and happy birthday.

  3. Dear Milton: If the collected works of John Denver, and I admit that I still remember all of the words, get stuck in my head, you will be hunted down and will not enjoy another birthday. (We have mostly preachers but one little axe murderer whacking away in the Tyson family tree. I hate to call Carlton an “axe murderer,” as if he never did anything else, but that’s life–one little axe murder and it’s axe murder, axe murder, axe murder the rest of your life.) In any case, I do hope you have a happy birthday and many more to come.

    And I do hope you can autograph my copy of Keeping the Feast one day soon. It’s as a challenging as croissants from scratch, in its way, but at least as comforting as open-faced chicken pot pie. Above all, I love your intuitive understanding, which runs throughout this book, that, damn the cost of three more cups of wine, the communion cup must never run dry. Yours will not, I know that much.

    It’s okay about the John Denver. Okay, it happened, okay, but I played Lee Dorsey’s “Sitting Here La La Waitin’ for My Ya Ya” four or five times and all was well.

    With every good wish,
    Tim Tyson

  4. Milton,

    Claud has shared several of your posts with me. Your words always make me think, smile and/or cry. Throw in a little John Denver and I’m hooked! Today, I subscribed to your blog. It’s a good day to be grateful for this good life. Happy Birthday!


  5. Happy Birthday, Milton! Thanks for sharing your own “poems and prayers and promises” here over the years. (And the recipes, too!) It truly has been “fine to have the chance to hang around.” Blessings to you and Ginger today and always.

  6. John Denver: always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing this song today. And may you have a happy birthday and a wonderful year. Your blog always makes me think and often makes me smile!

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