I have been away from the blog because we have been traveling, finally getting to take a trip that was supposed to be a part of Ginger’s sabbatical in 2020. The focus of the trip is an eight day retreat with Gareth Higgins and Kathleen Norris in and around Belfast, learning about and meeting with peacemakers. Ginger and I came a few days early to see Dublin and will stay a few days after to visit Galway and the west coast.

Today is the first day I have had time or space to write. I am hopeful I will get back to a regular posting over the next few days. There is much to share. For now, here is a poem about those who have helped us get from place to place, offering directions for the journey.


we have come to Ireland
both south and north
to rest to listen to learn
and think about what
it means to wage peace
some lessons
have come in transit

the person who first
greeted us when we left
the Dublin airport was
Declan, the cab driver who
snaked through the city
to get us to Temple Bar

all the while asking questions
and answering ours
affirming some of our plans
and altering others
with a gentle lilt
and a kind smile

Morgan carted us from
the Kilmainham Gaol
the thick stone walls
that hold so many wounds
to the invitation and
hope of EPIC the Irish
Emigration Museum

James took us back
to the airport so we
could move north into
a different story
that is the same story
and as James said
is more complicated
and he loved Belfast

the cabbie who drove us
from Belfast to Holywood
said she spent six and
a half months working her
way across America
we will be here fifteen days

and Julie our bus driver
for the week said
if you pass someone
in the street
of course you say hello
it might be the first time
someone has spoken
to them that day
it’s kind of important



  1. Enjoy your trip to Ireland. I love hearing about your interaction with the Irish folk.Sparks fond memories of my trips to the UK with teenagers.

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