lenten journal: the space between our sufferings


the space between our sufferings

this is one of those nights
when the day has been long
and I’m looking for words
in a blank book of an evening
because I promised I would
have something to say
I promised to meet you here
I have riffled through the
pages of my memory
hoping a story would tell
itself or at least tell me
something worth saying
and all I have to offer is
this space between our
sufferings come sit with
me maybe we don’t need
to say anything but that



  1. I am always grateful for the music you share and the personal narrative that states the universal. Never more grateful than when I receive your poetry. Thank you, Milton.

  2. Thank you for being here. Perhaps it was a day to let us listen to ourselves. The WAIT found its way back and it’s simply perfect for this day.

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