lenten journal: specifically


One of the cool things I got to do this week was be a part of the book launch for David Finnegan-Hosey’s new book, Christ on the Psych Ward, which I had the honor of editing. A group of about
fifty gathered at Potter’s House in Washington DC and heard David interviewed by Mike Stavlund, a fellow author and a friend. In the process of the interview, Mike commented on a particular sentence from the book where David wrote, “I was saved by specific people doing concrete things.”

The rich theological and relational truth of his words sent my mind to one of my favorite scenes from The Breakfast Club—the makeover scene—when Allison asks Claire, “Why are you doing this?” and Claire answers, “Because you’re letting me.”

The risk in relationship goes both ways. Sometimes is may even feel more difficult to be saved than it is to do the saving. Either way, it happens in both words and actions—in concrete things.


the time you left a note
the night you drove me home
the way you call to check on me
the time you paid my bill
the day you came to see me
when you picked up the phone
long after it was dark
when you listened
when you called me out
when you stood with me
at the funeral
the time you said you loved me
and the time after that
when you sat with me
and said nothing
the gift in the mailbox
the food in the fridge
when you laughed at my jokes
the time I cried and you did too
when I forgot what mattered
and you forgave me
the night you called
and said you needed help
love leaves fingerprints
on every surface



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