advent journal: most of our stories


most of our stories

go untold to those around us
or perhaps they are unheard
misunderstood because they
we are not fluent in each other

it’s unfair I suppose to say
anything about most of our
stories as though they could
be collected in a single volume

the library of humanity isn’t so
easily contained or checked out
we live loose leaf lives our pages
caught in the swirl of circumstance

tell me your despair and I’ll tell mine
Mary said–not that Mary the other
one who was a poet–but even that
is not the whole story of anyone

but we have to start somewhere
not just the living but the telling
a first line that tells the truth
like an invitation or a promise

he was just trying to find his way home

the line could fall in the middle or
the end as far as my story goes
or repeated like a prayer whispered
though unsure if anyone is listening

for most of our stories telling is
not enough we need to be heard
read like a book whose margins are
filled with kindness and curiosity

listening is reader response to
loneliness a way to make meaning
of memories to say more than despair
to say we belong welcome home



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