• hey to barney

    by  • February 27, 2006 • 3 Comments

    Don Knotts died last Friday. I heard about it on my way to work at the restaurant on Saturday morning and I began to chuckle and feel sad at the same time. Barney Fife (whose middle name was Milton) is one of the TV characters who has left a deep impression on me. I’m...

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    open and affirming

    by  • February 25, 2006 • 25 Comments

    I didn’t write yesterday because I used what time I had reading This Is How It Happened on Real Live Preacher. Gordon does a great job describing his pilgrimage to inclusiveness. Then came the comments, which — if you’ve spent anytime on RLP — you know are many. I threw in my two cents...

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    reasons to blog

    by  • February 24, 2006 • 6 Comments

    Ginger and I had time to meet for a cup of coffee in the middle of the day — unusual for a Thursday. When we sat down at Dunkin’ Donuts she asked, “So what do you get out of writing your blog?” She’s never one for superficial questions, even during coffee break. A couple...

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    boats against the current

    by  • February 22, 2006 • 3 Comments

    I’m sitting at my desk looking at the sunset over the marsh through the window in my office, which is unusual for me on a Wednesday afternoon. I’m usually at the restaurant. Life for me, right now, divides into three nights at church and three nights at the Red Lion Inn, and some of...

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    what’s the point?

    by  • February 21, 2006 • 3 Comments

    I’m hanging out at the house today because I have a cold and I feel terrible. I have a couple of committee meetings to go to at church tonight, so I’m saving my strength. Our church is a part of something called The Timothy Project, a visioning emphasis of the Mass. Conference of the...

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    soar, run, walk

    by  • February 20, 2006 • 4 Comments

    First, once again, I want to pass along the places where passion lives: IMOM.org, which helps pay veterinary bills for folks who can’t and its community bulletin board. Thanks again to all who continue to share what matters most to you. Yesterday afternoon we took my in-laws and friends into Boston. We ended up...

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    our little tub o’ love

    by  • February 17, 2006 • 0 Comments

    Lola is our oldest schnauzer. She’s five. We got her from a breeder/groomer in New Hampshire who raised show dogs. Lola’s parents were champions; Lola was going to be one, too, except she never got tall enough. She is beautiful and, as they say, she’s a short standing schnauzer. (She’s also quite round. Our...

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    family matters

    by  • February 16, 2006 • 5 Comments

    First thing: here are a few of sites passed along to me that I pass along to you. I will eventually add them in the left hand column as permanent links as well. Public Health InternationalPublic Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)Marshfield Food PantryInterfaith Hospitality NetworkCommunity Homeless Alliance Ministries (CHAM)“Rainstoppers”: First Christian Church of San...

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    something to believe in

    by  • February 15, 2006 • 14 Comments

    “Commit to something you believe in,” was the title of one of the twenty-two email messages that greeted me when I signed on this morning. I considered it a bit of a sign, or at least a nudge. I opened the letter from Sojourners Magazine (I’m on their sojomail list) to find they were...

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    baby pygmy goat day

    by  • February 14, 2006 • 4 Comments

    My friend Patty drives from Higgins Lake to Ann Arbor, Michigan regularly. She calls when she’s on the road. Just south of St. John’s, the highway flattens out into farm country, which is usually when my phone rings because I think the landscape gets boring, or at least hypnotizing. One day last year she...

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