• lenten journal: just another word

    by  • March 29, 2006 • 1 Comment

    Call the world if you please “The vale of soul-making . . .” I say “soul-making,” soul as distinguished from intelligence. There may be intelligences or sparks of the divinity in millions, but they are not souls till they acquire identities, till each one is personally itself. — John Keats, “The Vale of Soul-Making”...

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    lenten journal: what’s in a name?

    by  • March 28, 2006 • 5 Comments

    In our Monday night Bible Study, we are working through the “I am” statements of Jesus as recorded in John’s gospel: I am the shepherd, the door, the bread of life, the light of the world. Tonight we were looking at John 15: “I am the vine and you are the branches,” a great...

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    lenten journal: daiyeinu

    by  • March 27, 2006 • 7 Comments

    In the past couple of days, I’ve had a chance to see people gathered together in several different kinds of groups. Saturday afternoon, I joined Lynn and Bob at their son’s lacrosse game. He’s in seventh grade, so the bleachers were filled with pretty much only parents who see each other at every game...

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    lenten journal: what cannot be taken away

    by  • March 25, 2006 • 4 Comments

    I arrived at the church yesterday about twenty minutes before the service was to begin. I would guess close to four hundred people were already in the sanctuary. A giant blown up picture of my friend’s father was on an easel and a folded and framed American flag honoring his military service was on...

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    lenten journal: peoplescape

    by  • March 24, 2006 • 6 Comments

    What then, is time? If no one asks me, I know; if I want to explain it to someone who does ask me, I don’t know.Augustine of Hippo While I was waiting to meet my brother yesterday afternoon, I sat in Starbucks and read A Matter of Time, a special edition from Scientific American....

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    lenten journal: lost and found

    by  • March 23, 2006 • 5 Comments

    Today has already been a long day and it’s only late afternoon. At 3:45 this morning, Ginger and I were on the way to the airport. She drove me into Logan since leaving the car there for three days would have cost more than the plane ticket. We got to the exit for the...

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    lenten journal: set down this

    by  • March 22, 2006 • 9 Comments

    Today is World Water Day 2006. I woke this morning to the news that my friend’s father died last night about eleven. I’ve spent the morning making arrangements to get to the funeral to be with my friend, which means leaning into friends and co-workers who are allowing me to inconvenience their lives so...

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    lenten journal: upside down

    by  • March 21, 2006 • 2 Comments

    My schedule has made it difficult to find much time to read these past few days, so I took some time this morning to listen to Parker Palmer and Madeleine L’Engle, two names you are quite familiar with by now. Palmer was talking about the temptations of Jesus as a way of looking at...

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    lenten journal: a simple grain of sand

    by  • March 20, 2006 • 3 Comments

    Last night at youth fellowship we played board games. We keep a big box in the closet with Boggle, Risk, Uno, Word Up, Scrabble, Mankala, and several others I can’t remember right now. From time to time I pull them out and we spend our evening playing games and talking together. I was in...

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    lenten journal: carried away

    by  • March 19, 2006 • 6 Comments

    On a normal Saturday night, I come straight home from work so I can try to sleep since Sunday morning comes early. My job at church requires I make it to an 8:30 am worship service. But last night – even though I knew I was preaching today – was not an ordinary night....

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