a story for christmas


    Several years ago, Ginger asked me to write a story for Christmas Eve. What came out of me was a Dr. Suess-ish sort of tale that has found a life in many places on Christmas Eves since. The story begins this way:

    As we gather together on this Silent Night,
    To sing ‘round the tree in the soft candlelight,

    From a Faraway Christmas, from time that’s grown cold,
    Comes a story, you see, that has seldom been told.

    Of all of the legends, the best and the worst,
    From Christmases all the way back to the first,

    This little tale isn’t often remembered
    From then until now, down through all those Decembers.

    But I found an old copy tucked away on a shelf,
    And I turned through the pages, and I thought to myself,

    Of all of the times between now and then,
    This is the Christmas to hear it again.

    This year, you can hear the story in a different way — on audio CD. My friend Terry Allebaugh added a wonderful harmonica soundtrack, my friend Claudia Fulshaw created beautiful artwork for the cover and the insert, and I read the story and added a couple of other touches. I’m proud of what we did and excited to share it.

    In the sidebar to the left is the PayPal button that will make your purchase possible. The CD is $10.00, plus $2.00 for shipping. If your order is over $50.00, shipping is free. (That’s in the U.S.) I will sign, seal, and deliver (or at least mail) the CDs myself.

    Entrepreneurship is not my gift. I’m grateful to Gordon Atkinson for his encouragement and technical advice, to Claudia and Terry, and to Ginger for calling the story out of me in the first place.

    The story runs on several different levels and is appropriate for most any age. I hope you enjoy it.



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