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    I’ve been staring at the “posting” screen for several days now trying to figure out how to join the world of food bloggers. Since I’m writing from a Mac and I don’t know much about HTML, I’m still not sure about adding links and so forth. I wanted the blog to look less plain, but I decided to work with what I have rather than wait for everything to be perfect.

    But that’s the way it goes. I ran out of time before Christmas and so I asked my friend Jay to go to the grocery store for me. I had made a list of the stuff that was on sale that I needed; I failed to add some of the basics. When I got up on Sunday morning I realized I didn’t have everything I had planned for. So I headed to the pantry and the fridge to see what possibilities existed that had yet to be discovered. I found arborio rice, Israeli couscous, Vidalia onions, a few sweet potatoes, some craisins, slivered almonds, pine nuts, and fresh spinach.

    We sat down at the table to a meal of brown sugar ham, drunken turkey (marinated in bourbon, maple syrup, and orange juice), sweet potatoes au gratin with carmelized onions, roasted corn and pineapple risotto, and couscous with craisins, almonds, pine nuts, spinach, and a little Jerusalem spice I found in the freezer.

    We had six around the table: all friends who have become family, all folks who help to make meals matter. We ate and talked for several hours. Food is best with friends and family.

    Like it says at the top of the page: don’t eat alone.


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    1. Oh my God, Milton. You’re one of those people who I wish lived next door. I’d gladly help you not eat alone!

      You’ve continued this, I see. I remember you grinding out homemade noodles when we were there and tossing little scraps to your schnauzer.

    2. What a delight to discover your blog! I’m an Episcopal priest and a food blogger too. I also have a Mac and actually left blogger to use Typepad which makes it a bit easier to post photos. I look forward to reading you regularly!

    3. Just checking out the first posts at the blogs I check from time to time. I’m the Connection Minister at a church in KY – helping people find community. The significance of the meal around a table developing these communities is highly significant and the name of your blog naturally caught my attention. I’ve appreciated the poetry and art content of your blog. Have a great day, sir.

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