what to do


    while he is disappearing
    we find ourselves
    under the same roof
    unpacking boxes
    we have changed
    the trajectory
    of all our lives

    while he is sitting
    we push ourselves
    to make him safe
    and comfortable
    without knowing
    what he sees
    or what he thinks
    behind the blankness

    while he is here
    we will eat together
    take turns staying
    home with him
    hear the same jokes
    and wonder what to do
    or so it seems
    on this, the second day



    1. My thoughts are with you during this time. I cannot imagine. I hope I never have to know. Thanks for sharing your journey so we may be enlightened.

    2. I have traveled down the Alzheimer’s path.

      It is a tortuously slow one. I bid you patience (much patience) and grace as you embark. The journey into the final hours will be long. Enjoy the early days as the latter days will be unknown.

      Pace your self for this long journey. Do not hold on when you should say goodbye.

      And, at the very end, peace appears like a rainbow. My lesson was to learn patience. You will know your lesson when the rainbow appears.

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