what april means


    A poem is like a ball park
    (or is the park like a poem?):
    some precise measurements –
    the height of the mound,
    the length of the base paths,
    the size of the ball –
    yet each park is its own,
    each outfield shaped by
    Green Monsters and short
    porches; the rules apply and
    no two are exactly the same.

    The batter who can hit one
    out of every three balls is a
    success; true, also, of the poet:
    one out of three ain’t bad.
    And, every so often, the
    right words come, lining up
    the way Manny locks in
    on a high fast one and swings
    for the fences, dropping
    his bat and watching in
    wonder before he runs home.
    Pure poetry.


    P. S. — There are new recipes here and here.


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