well-worn love


    Eighteen April 21sts ago, Ginger and I were married in the First Baptist Church of Irondale, Alabama, surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses and a wedding party whose picture rivals the cover photograph of The King Family Christmas.

    We got engaged on August 12, 1989 at the Hard Rock Café in Dallas (when there was a Hard Rock Café in Dallas). Every August and April since, we’ve been in a Hard Rock together, which has been relatively easy because we lived in a city with a Hard Rock. A quick search this week let us know the closest café was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a mere three and a half hours away.

    After opening the Dunkin’ Donuts this morning and dropping Ella off to be spayed, we got in Ginger’s Wrangler and headed east and making a couple of stops along the way, arriving at the pyramid shaped restaurant about 4 o’clock.

    We ate what I guess we could call dinner, took a couple of fun pictures,

    drove down to the beach for a bit, and then drove home.

    And a good time was had by all.

    Several years ago now, I wrote a song lyric with Ginger in mind (that I have referenced before). The chorus says:

    and this is the story of two common hearts
    that started out young and grew old

    they have practiced a lifetime the waltz of a well-worn love

    I’m not ready to be counted as old just yet, but I will say I know more of love than I did eighteen years ago, thanks to Ginger.

    And I plan to keep on dancing.



    1. You know your love story always gets me choked up. Happy anniversary, sniff, sniff. Thanks for always helping me believe in the possibility of true love.

      You both look really, really great. Seems like the Carolinas agree with you…

    2. “..and a good time was had by all…” (Does Ella agree?)
      A very happy anniversary. Many blessings to you–the Brasher-Cunninghams.

    3. I like being one of your old friends who remembers the meeting and the date, and was there to see you in your red shoes getting married.

      If ever two people were made for each other…if ever there was.

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