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    I want to take time to mention three culinary-related adventures during my short visit to Irondale, Alabama.

    • The Irondale Cafe is better known as “The Whistlestop” because of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, which they serve when in season. I went for the fried catfish and hushpuppies this time around.
    • The Krystal. (In this part of the world, you say “the” in front of most store names.) I’ve been in this monument to small square hamburgers everyday because they have free WiFi. Seriously, how can they have free wireless and Starbucks still make you pay for it? More seriously, you have to try the Corn Pups.
    • La Cucaracha. That’s the name of the closest Mexican restaurant to my in-laws’ house. I’m assuming they know they named their eating establishment for an insect whose presence violates the health code, but that’s not important now. They have really good food and even better margaritas, but what I will remember most is the mariachi band who do a mean rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama.” I wish Neil Young could remember what the song sounds like with guitar, fiddle, and guitaron. Roll, Tide, roll.

    Time to sign off and get some sleep before my sunrise flight back home. But first, I think I’ll have one more Corn Pup. Though I don’t have video of the mariachi, I did find this:

    Turn it up.



    1. Great video clip – I never watched the Simpsons. This made me laugh out loud.

      I should not, could not, would not eat at a restaurant named La Cucaracha. Nor would I drink anything. You are a brave man. However, I could get into Lynryd Skynyrd Mariachis.

    2. Zydeco version of Sweet Home Alabama, dedicated to us, at Midcity Lanes Rock n Bowl in New Orleans — top that!

      On a cruise last year, the dining room minstrels played Devil Went Down to Georgia, the 60-second version. I can barely type that without falling outta my chair.

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