the lie that is
    the conformity
    of the supermarket
    is unearthed
    in my garden;
    the tomatoes here
    have names:
    lemon boy,
    early girl,
    cherokee purple,
    green zebra,
    roma, sun sweet –

    and shapes,
    and colors,
    and tastes –
    oh, the deliciousness
    that bursts
    with my bite
    as I stand
    in the dirt
    by the vines;
    I can’t even wait
    until I’m back
    in the kitchen.

    their talents
    and uses
    are as varied
    as their tastes:
    sauced, sliced,
    summer’s gift
    from spring’s
    planting –
    and enough
    to share.



    1. i am envious… i put in just a few plants,, roma to make sauce,,, and i am getting nothing this year,, i live on the northern cali coast and we have had so much fog and not enough sunshine… i am hoping i get enough to eat a few and make a batch of sauce… boo hoo….

    2. I’m a green with tomato envy myself. My husband used to grow the most amazing delicious tomatoes that I have ever tasted…..before,,,,,well,,,,oh just before.

      Nothing better than home grown tomatoes eaten over the sink with just a salt shaker and the juice runnin’ down your arm……

    3. When I was little (back in the 50s when food was food!) we lived next door to a small tomato nursery. Essentially it was a big walled kitchen garden given over to tomatoes.
      The owner used to let me wander around in it as much as I liked so long as I didn’t damage the plants, and it was understood I could only eat one tomato per trip.
      I still remember the flavour and the smell of the sun on those ripe fruits and vines.

    4. Now you’ve inspired me; I will just have to put in some fall tomatoes. It’s been too long since I grew some. And speaking of cool tomato names–maybe I’ll try Mr. Stripy again. Thank you for the poem.

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