to mac


    “A good storyteller speaks a melody; in conversation there is melody.”
    Mac McAnally, in conversation at Blue Rock)

    You’ve talked to me for years
    and I’ve listened. Does that
    count as conversation? I can
    still see myself walking out
    of Baylor Records with a copy
    of Nothin’ But The Truth tucked
    under my arm; I spent the better
    part of the next week listening
    to you sing and wishing I knew
    your language. All these years
    I’ve kept quiet, except to pick up
    my guitar and sing your words
    from time to time. Does that
    count as conversation? And now
    I see you sitting and talking
    with my old friend – we’ve
    listened to you together for a
    long time – and he got to talk
    back, and to keep listening.
    I watched from far away and
    imagined myself pulling up
    a chair. It’s my job that kept
    me from getting there; I
    think you might understand.
    I’ll have to settle for that,
    and that I can keep listening –
    oh, and say, “Thank you.”
    I think that counts.



    1. WOW! Saw him last summer at a bookstore here in Jackson. BTW, did I ever tell you I saw him when I was in college..kinda like driving the Trace…live and learn

      love ya like a rock, JB

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