through a glass darkly


    Reuben went into surgery about eleven, Birmingham time, and the surgery was over around three. The good news was he came through the surgery without any complications, which was one of our concerns beforehand. The hard news is they had to take one lobe from his lung and the mass in that lobe was malignant. Our new word for today is adenocarcinoma. The more detailed pathology report and the tests on his lymph nodes will not be back for a couple of days, so we must wait before we can see what the next steps might be.

    I sat in the coffee shop this afternoon trying to write as I waited and could do little more than wait. Tonight, I don’t have more words than these. I’m grateful for the prayers and words of solidarity. I’m also aware of some of you who are facing harsh realities of your own in these days. Please know my prayers are with you.

    Some day, Paul said, we will see face to face, but not now. Not now.



    1. Milton,
      Waiting in harsh times is difficult. Waiting in harsh times alone is worse. Your recent writing of Reuben’s journey has stirred many memories for me of days waiting–my father, my brother, my son. They are gone. The waiting was hard. Now a joyous waiting consumes me as the birth of my fourth grandchild approaches. Ah, such joy indeed.

      I pray that yours and Ginger’s waiting will soon give way to joy. Allow me, in my small way, to wait with you.

    2. Milton, I looked around for previous writings about Reuben, but didn’t find them quickly. I wanted to find out about him. I see from down the page that he and his wife have been married 50 years. Will you give a link to previous writing about him/them?

    3. I’m praying for Reuben, and all of y’all, Milton. Seems like I know of a lot of cancer these days — two moms and a 5th grader from our kids elementary school have faced this in the last 10 days. The 5th grader is awaiting biopsy, so perhaps it will not be cancer, but it’s a scary thought to see that much cancer in our neighborhood.

      Praying for all of them, and praying for all of you. Peace~

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