sunday sonnet #2


    In response to today’s Gospel reading, Luke 14:1-14.

    The parables of Jesus unfold in word and deed:
    it’s the living, breathing stuff of Incarnation;
    the healing of a blind man, the sower sowing seed
    tell the story of the Spirit’s provocation.

    He healed someone on the Sabbath and then told a simple tale
    Of a banquet with the seating chart reversed.
    In both dialogue and action he was determined to derail
    all the roles and rules so carefully rehearsed

    and intended to reminds us who is first and who is not,
    for grace is not disposed to such an order.
    We’re called to heal and feed with everything we’ve got,
    No matter who they are, or how they crossed the border.

    The Word becoming flesh was an act of insurrection;
    open hearts and healing hands, our response to Resurrection.



    1. Very many wonderful things here and such a beautiful, full depiction of Him. Especially loved…

      for grace is not disposed to such an order.

      and the last stanza…very powerful.

      came from the High Calling:)

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