sunday sonnet #18


    I preached this morning, using part of the same passage Ginger preached from last week. (The sermon is in the previous post.) A sermon and a sonnet in the same day is hard work.

    We read the same passage in church today
    as last week — about loving enemies
    and turning cheeks when violence aims our way –
    though Jesus’ words, they leave us ill at ease.

    We see competition as our raison d’etre –
    Non-violence is not on the table;
    Love, joy, peace, and hope are quite the quartet,
    but his plan, well, it’s just not that stable.

    If you don’t fight back then you will get whacked,
    Yet, look at Ghandi, Mandela, and King;
    Their courage and resistance to fight back
    Meant love could do a new and blessed thing.

    Turn cheeks and open hearts to forgive;
    Love is the only force that lets all live.


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