sunday sonnet #11


    The text today told the story of Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus. And here’s where the story took me.

    When Zacchaeus hit the streets, he had to assume
    he was down the list of who folks hoped to see;
    he might have done much better had he showed up in costume,
    but for all his faults, he had no one else to be.

    The children’s song calls him a “wee little man”
    and makes him sound all Scottish, short, and cute
    when he was the kind of guy to rob his mother’s pension plan –
    an outcast and an outlaw and a brute.

    But Jesus saw a climber who was more than just a jerk,
    and called out his name in front of everyone,
    looking beyond his faults and his lousy line of work
    to see him once again as Abraham’s son.

    The promises of grace were made
    for even the shortest of the renegades.


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